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About Us

WynneCRE is the commercial real estate experience of the future.

Old school knowledge meets new school methods, resulting in legacy client care paired with a faster, easier property transaction experience. Dare we say it? It’s actually fun now.

As a matter of fact, we killed boring business. Gone the way of the dino are pagers, fax machines, and real estate brokers who think it’s still 1991. We provide you an experience that won’t slow down your current-day ambitions. It’s a luxury that is guaranteed to ruin the way you used to do your real estate. Once you taste the easy freedom of our team’s platform, you’ll wonder how you ever did a lease or sale any other way.

Also, we REALLY care about the South Orange County communities we live and conduct business in. We think it’s completely wrong when out-of-town brokers show up for a payday and then are impossible to reach after they complete a deal with you. We are active town participants, members of the local Chamber of Commerce, regularly donate and support the area schools, oh and we built our platform on integrity before money – reporting on business news and happenings, even when it ruffles feathers with the powers that be.

Wait, are you the guys who took on Amazon head-on and blew the whistle on a secret development plan in South Orange County?

-Yes, that was us.

But wait, are you also the team who exposed untruthful happenings with the secret ballot vote for the homeless shelter sale in San Clemente, resulting in new ballots being issued and a public forum being hosted?

-Yup, that was also us.

Okay but wait, who reported on the double-standard for government property not being held to the same code enforcement regulations that us local business owners are held to, resulting in the City Manager publicly acknowledging it wasn’t fair and the United States Postal Service cleaning up their property to meet those rules?

-Ya, we did that one too.

WynneCRE: Your commercial real estate future starts here.

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