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Posity Wellness - 30 Day Cleanse & Detox Challenge starts 1/2/2023

NEW 30-Day Cleanse & Detox Challenge >>> CLICK HERE to join for FREE!

When you think of yourself in the new year, what do you envision? If a variation of “being healthier” came to mind, I want to help you get there in 2023. I'm starting a group program with my clients, and I hope you can join us!

During this 30-Day Cleanse & Detox Challenge, I encourage my clients to start this program together and support each other in the process! The program is only 10-days long and includes everything you need to up your game in 2023 including:

>>> Access to my private Facebook Group where you’ll have access to instructional videos, calendars, recipes, program content, and the support from me and other like-minded members.

>>>Recommended meal and exercise plans, and easy to do lifestyle swaps.

>>>Discounts on recommended supplements from my online store.

Get ready to challenge your own assumptions about what it takes to create long-lasting health that transforms your life.
So, CLICK HERE where you can join my private Facebook Group where you can learn more about what I’ll be teaching and how the program works! I’ve got a spot inside my FREE Program with your name on it. I can’t wait to see you there.