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San Clemente Business/Organization's Special Messaging on 88.5 The SoCal Sound

Offer Valid: 11/14/2022 - 11/01/2023
Become a Sponsor/Underwriter, Support Non Profit Public Music Radio & Reach Affluent, Engaged Audiences in SoCal
As a new member, 88.5 The SoCal Sound, a nonprofit, public music radio station, is excited to offer fellow members an introductory unique way to reach our audiences with a message about the great experiences San Clemente has to offer. 

88.5 audiences are 76 times more likely to have Household Incomes of $250k than the average person in LA and are more active and attend more events than the average LA/OC public radio listener!

Voted the USA's Best Public Music Radio Station 2022, the benefits of having your business’ message on 88.5 include...
  • Because our audience trusts and values 88.5 The SoCal Sound public radio station, they are predisposed to trust and support companies that support us
  • Our audience sees sponsors in a favorable light due to their support of a community asset they value 
  • This shapes positive consumer attitudes, drives purchase preference, differentiates our sponsors from their competition, and may help with recruitment.
  • Our audience values our non-commercial media environment and is more engaged with our content – and our sponsor messages – as a result.
  • Our audience spends more time with us across platforms, which means they are more likely to recall sponsor messages and take action around them.
  • Messages with public radio enhance corporate image and credibility because sponsors are viewed as quality companies by association. This in turn builds brand trust and loyalty and creates a preference for the sponsor’s brand.
65x : 15-second on-air messages/radio spots will run each month, Mon-Sun 6am-12midnight, to let our audiences know to visit San Clemente businesses & organizations. Up to 3 business name mentions in each, as available per month.

SAMPLE COPY "88.5 The SoCal Sound is supported by businesses and organizations in San Clemente, where you may go to experience Holiday Celebrations including Snowy Nights at The Outlets, concerts at The Coach House Concert Hall, and Sportfishing & Whale Watching with Dana Wharf

Investment: $500 per business, per month.

This Member To Member Deal is promoted by San Clemente Chamber of Commerce.